We are  Türkiye based specialized  designer, developer and  manufacturer for the  WIFI based Intelligent High Density Mobile Shelving & Storage system controller technologies.

We’d  like to present  our developed & produced brand new , unique and the the most advanced ultimate Wifi powered  Intelligent Mobile Shelving Controller System.

Our controller  has been very well accepted by worldwide market, we only develop innovative and unrivalled products,  our engineers have  always been working on-going development, allowing us to offer a progressive and complete product range.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • ARM  processor  (Powerfull & Latest Technology)
  • Unique , WIFI 2,54 GHZ  -fully wireless operation between the carriages
  • Fully Computurized , Remote Controlled
  • Security Access with PIN Code or RFID Card
  • Internet Connection over TCP/IP Ethernet & Wireless Network
  • Windows Software for Remote Configuration & Settings , Log Access
  • Open and Flexible for Future Technology Upgrade & Integration
  • Safest system , passive safety ,photo sweep,aisle entry , MCMS, Emergency Stop,
  • Auto LED Lighting  , External Warning Sound and LED Light
  • Night Mode,  Security Park,  Priority Access, Demo Run, Time & Date, Ethernet
  • Soft Start & Stop with PWM motor controller – 24VDC geared Motor
  • Stopping Distance Adjustment for over hanging material and Ventilation
  • User Friendly intuitive Touch  LCD 7” Color Panel  - ( Touch LCD 5” optional)
  • Multi Language Support German , French , Italian , Spanish , English , Turkish
  • 24VDC extreme safe voltage operated
  • CE certified

Customized Designs

We offer customized any size 5”to 7” LCD panel  design  under your company logo , name etc. for Shelving Manufacturers  who want their own  design, we talk about all and can help you while adding  high –end  technology of your own produced mechanical assist mobile shelving system.

Besides the Control System we can also help you with mechanical and electrical design work for your easy incorporation to our controller on your own produced mobile bases  all  well powered by the our Control  System.

We are  seriously looking for a reputed Distributors with a strong sales network  in the world,  if you are interested in a collaboration please contact

We are ensure that we would  be a helpfull business partner for you in the future and we will be happy to send you more information or arrange demo meeting where we can discuss our possibilities together.

Best Regards, 

Mehmet Ünal SÖYLEMEZOĞLU  - BSc. Electronics Engineer- Mobile/Whatsup +90 533 548 3050